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Residential treatment for women

A place for women to heal

Bethany Recovery Center is an exciting new residential program for women, 18 years and older, with a substance use disorder, and/or who may have a co-occurring mental health disorder. We offer a comprehensive treatment program for women that is family-centered and trauma informed. We also provide for pregnant women and women with young children who may reside with their mom while she receives treatment.

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Empowering women in our community

Each woman admitted to our center receives a variety of assessments to develop her personalized treatment plan. Our daily schedule is designed to provide an array of clinical services tailored to meet each woman’s needs.

Additionally, we provide pregnant women with regular access to prenatal and postnatal services to support both mom and baby. We partner with ProHealth’s maternal wrap around program that assists mom and baby while in treatment and one year following treatment to help meet the needs of both mom and baby. We also partner with ProHealth MAT 4 Moms program for pregnant women who have an opioid addiction.

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Common questions about Bethany Recovery Center

What are the criteria for admission to Bethany Recovery Center?

Women admitted to this residential treatment center are 18-years-old and older. They must have a diagnosis of a substance use disorder and meet the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria for residential treatment.

Do you treat women who also have a mental health diagnosis?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive treatment program for women with co-occurring mental health disorders. We provide mental health specific groups, and our staff includes licensed mental health therapists, a psychologist, and behavioral health technicians.

Do you treat women who are pregnant?

Yes. We provide specialty services to monitor and assist moms who are pregnant during the course of their treatment, including the MAT 4 Moms program at ProHealth. We also have nursing staff on site.

Do you treat women who are on medication assisted treatment?

Yes. We partner with ProHealth Barstow Clinic for medication assisted treatment (MAT) who monitor and administer Suboxone. We also work with other MAT providers if a client has already started MAT before admission and wishes to continue.

Can children live with their mother during treatment?

Yes. Children between the ages of birth to ten years old can accompany their mother. The daily rate for a child is $50. Parenting support and education groups are provided. Childcare is also provided while moms are in program activities. A child and family advocate is assigned to the children and moms during their stay.

How is treatment paid for?

We accept commercial insurance, Medicaid, private pay, and county and state contracts. Private pay individuals are expected to pay for 30 days of treatment at the time of admission.

How do I refer a potential resident?

Contact Bethany Recovery Center at (262) 565-5265. The intake coordinator will take your information and the information of the potential resident and begin the screening process

Trauma-focused, evidence-based treatment

By partnering with Bethany, you can help your patients reduce their risk of relapse. We know individuals are best served in relationships that are supportive and promote accountability, with access to medically monitored treatment and evidence-based practices that helps address their substance abuse, mental health, and past trauma.

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