Factoring the costs of foster care adoption

Factoring the costs of foster care adoption  Banner Image

For families wishing to adopt, cost is often an obstacle. While foster care adoption costs less than other forms of adoption, we encourage you to consider other factors as well when making your decision.

Is it true that there’s no cost to adopt from foster care?

It is true. Parents complete a free home study to be licensed to provide foster care. There are also tax credits available for those who adopt.

Are there any fees involved with foster care adoption?

Parents often pay for a new birth certificate and for a court-filing fee, but these fees can be reimbursed. Other common reimbursable expenses include out-of-pocket costs for you to take a physical, undergo a background check, and travel if the child lives in another state.

What if I adopt a child who lives in another state?

Adopting through foster care from another state costs about $10,000. This includes a home study and court and supervision fees. Additionally, before a court will finalize an out-of-state adoption, a supervising agency needs to provide a six-month report. This includes an adoption specialist performing monthly visits with the child and family.

Is there help for expenses incurred after the adoption?

Most children adopted through foster care qualify for ongoing Medicaid. If your child would benefit from counseling or therapy, he or she may also be eligible for a certain number of sessions per year.

Is foster care adoption truly free?

While there are certain financial benefits to this form of adoption, there are other, non-monetary costs to consider, including physical and emotional trauma. Time and resources are often needed to help a child build a healthy future.

A new family dynamic means making sacrifices. You may need to access therapy or special education services.

So, this is a big commitment?

Definitely. To better understand the process, traditional foster care is always a good first step. You can also consider providing respite foster care to better understand the foster care system before jumping in.

Please do not choose foster care adoption simple because there are no fees. If money is an issue, there are ways to defray adoption costs. When we meet with families at informational meetings, we say, “Make sure you’re in the right program.” We invite families to explore all of Bethany's adoption programs.

On the surface, foster care adoption may appear to be inexpensive, but these kids need and deserve families who are completely committed to them—regardless of cost.

Are you interested in adopting a child from foster care? Connect with us, so we can help you begin your journey.

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