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Giving wisely with the 2017 tax law


The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 contains changes to the tax code that impact just about every taxpayer in some way. Discover what they are.

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Living in a difficult world


Lucas’ childhood was challenging, as his mother was hospitalized with a gun wound and his father was in jail. Learn how foster care is changing Lucas’ life.

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Filled with love through international adoption

Story | Adoption

Adrienne adopted two children from South Africa after her husband’s unexpected death.

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Reunited under one roof

Story | Foster Care

After her three children were placed in foster care, Shaquita worked toward reunification.

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Fleeing for safety

Story | Refugee Foster Care

Fearing for her life, Juanita fled Guatemala for asylum in the U.S. Despite a language barrier, Juanita and her foster parents discovered a common language. 

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Protecting her family after the earthquake

Story | Church

In Haiti, a new kind of family emerges from the rubble. You'll be inspired by the love of "The Mother of the Hills."

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A helping hand to raise two little boys

Story | Pregnancy, Emergency Care

When Brijon found out she was pregnant with twins at age 18, she didn’t know where to turn. Learn how she received support to parent her boys.

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A new family after the accident

Story | Foster Care

After a tragedy, a mother and son created a remarkable home for teen boys.

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Sharing our crib with children in need

Story | Emergency Care

Chris and Kate reflect on the many children who have slept in their crib – including those whose parents were in crisis.

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A whole new world

Story | Emergency Care

When Kashonder found herself homeless and unable to provide for her children, Safe Families hosts stepped in to care for her kids while she finished her nursing degree.

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