Make families your mission

If your community is ready to serve the vulnerable, the abandoned, and the afraid, we need your church to help make families a force for good.

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How your church can get involved

Join an awareness month

Throughout the year, there are certain times where we collectively rise up in celebration of the incredible people we work with—from selfless birth parents to loving adoptive and foster parents to brave and resilient refugees. Discover how your church can play a valuable role in these campaigns by raising awareness or funds.

Host an information meeting

Your church can volunteer as the venue to host one of our information meetings for families interested in opening their homes to children. Contact us to learn how easy it is to support us in this way!

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Host a global Sunday event

Your church can support families around the world by keeping them together. Travel to one of our country offices, then share the needs with your congregation through an interactive worship service that allows church members to co-sponsor families. Email us today to learn more:

Join the Safe Families ministry

When parents are going through a crisis, Host Families temporarily welcome their children into their home, allowing the parents to take essential steps toward stability. Make this vital ministry a part of your church's mission by recruiting volunteers or supporting financially.

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Become a refugee co-sponsor

For the first three to six months after a refugee arrives in the U.S., we collaborate with churches to ensure refugees thrive in the U.S. Learn how your church can help prepare housing, assist with transportation, and build relationships with a refugee family.

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Putting your faith into action

The book of James challenges and inspires every community of faith to examine our actions.

The way we love our neighbors is a response to God's love for every single one of us. When your church supports vulnerable children and families, your beliefs are transformed into action.

Many people in neighborhoods near and far are facing real struggles and hardships. As people of faith, we respond with compassion fueled by the love of Jesus.

Engaging your church e-book

If your community is ready to serve vulnerable kids and families, your church can help families step up and change the world. Explore the many ways your church can get involved.