Adoption is your story

Adoption is a lifelong journey, and adoptees deserve information and support. 

Adoptees have a voice

As an adoptee, your voice matters. No one can speak for you about your experience. At Bethany, we welcome and value adoptee perspectives. We want you to have the information and support you deserve.

Find the support you need

These trusted partners provide a variety of services and resources designed for adoptees.

Stories you can trust

Stories you can trust

I was so eager for a family

After waiting seven years to be adopted, Mallory was 14 when she finally found a family of her own. Her story gives a voice to other waiting teens who need a family.

No longer abandoned

Adult adoptee Ryan wrestles with the word “abandoned” on his birth certificate.

An adoptee's perspective on open adoption

Most of us spend our youth asking: Who am I? Melania was no different.

We can help

If you’re a Bethany adoptee with questions about adoption records or a birth family search, contact us today.