Give kids a home through foster care adoption

When children in foster care are unable to reunite with their families, we invite families like yours to provide a loving, permanent home.

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Adoption changes the world for a child in foster care

Many children in foster care face an uncertain future. You can help change their odds.

More than 100,000 children in the U.S. are waiting to be adopted. Imagine growing up without the stability of a permanent family. And every year in the U.S., 23,000 youth "age out" of foster care, without the safety and security of a family.

Children in foster care who "age out" face tough odds. Thirty percent end up homeless or incarcerated. Sixty percent of victims of child sex trafficking have a history with the child welfare system. This is a harsh reality, which is why we do everything possible to unite children with a stable, nurturing family.

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You don't have to be perfect to adopt

You simply need a willingness to provide stability for kids who need it most. Children in foster care are removed from their families due to neglect or abuse and are often bounced from foster home to foster home. Their greatest desire is to have a permanent family of their own.

Will there be challenges along the way? Absolutely. But we provide training, resources, and support services before, during, and after you adopt a child.

FAQs about foster care adoption

What’s the first step to becoming an adoptive family?

If you're interested, the first step is to contact your local Bethany office. They'll work with you to schedule a free informational meeting.

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Why should we choose Bethany?

You'll be equipped to help your family thrive. You'll work with a team of experts who will provide you with training, resources, and support to navigate the challenges and joys of adoption. For over 75 years, we've guided families through the adoption process, and our experience is one reason why we're one of the largest adoption agencies in the U.S.

What is the common age range and background of children in foster care adoption?

Children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the U.S. are generally between the ages of 8–18. They may be part of a sibling group and often have physical, emotional, or learning needs as a result of early childhood trauma.

Can I adopt more than one child?

Yes. In fact, sibling groups are among the highest needs. The ideal solution is to keep brothers and sisters together whenever possible.

Is foster care adoption expensive?

It’s normal to have concerns about the potential cost of adopting a child. While actual costs differ by state, foster care adoption expenses are often minimal. Many of our families find ways to make adoption more affordable through grants, corporate scholarships, and contracts.

Will I receive help for expenses incurred through adoption?

The amount of financial assistance provided to families varies from state to state. Some states fully cover the costs of foster care adoption. When adopting children with special needs from the child welfare system, you may qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

Making foster care adoption affordable

Families are often surprised by how little it actually costs to adopt a child in foster care. Foster care adoption is often funded by your state with little or no fees involved.

Children may also be eligible for medical subsidies and financial assistance until age 18, regardless of your family’s income.

You may also qualify for tax credits, employer benefits, and other sources of financial aid.

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From foster to lifelong family

From foster to lifelong family

There’s life after aging out of foster care

After 10 years in foster care and aging out without a family, Brittney refuses to be defined by statistics and instead is following her dreams.

Loving a child will change your life

When considering adoption, prospective parents may be looking (consciously or unconsciously) for a child who will “fit” their family. But waiting children in foster care need families who will make room for them and welcome them as they are.

Resources you can rely on

You deserve information you can trust. Explore our collection of articles and blogs designed to help you and your family thrive.

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