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Private adoptions require an independent home study. With Bethany, we’ll make sure you know what to expect and how to ensure your home is a safe, loving place for a child.

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Trusted adoption experience

The first steps toward adoption can be both exciting and overwhelming. You deserve reliable information and training that will prepare you to meet a child’s needs. And the child joining your family deserves that too.

When you complete your independent home study with Bethany, your training is rooted in more than 75 years of adoption experience. And our Safe Home study is recognized as best practice.

Personal service

Home studies get personal. They’re designed to ensure you can provide a safe and appropriate home environment and you’re ready to meet a child’s needs.

You’ll work with an experienced adoption specialist who will listen to you and walk you through each step of the home study process. You’ll have their name and phone number to contact for questions and updates. They’ll also connect you with community resources to help you on your adoption journey.

Thorough home study preparation

Your Bethany adoption specialist will visit you in your home to interview you and complete a written assessment of your family (or you as an individual). They’ll guide you as you gather required documents such as medical, financial, and employment history; background check; and personal references.

You’ll meet with your adoption specialist a minimum of three times for about two hours each. These could be a combination of in-person and virtual visits.

Common questions about independent home studies

What is an independent home study?

Adoptive parents who pursue private adoption (such as through an attorney) must complete a home study, which includes training, background checks, and formal paperwork for the legal next steps. Bethany can prepare you for adoption even if you’re not adopting through Bethany.

How much does a home study cost?

Your total home study cost will vary depending on the services you need in your state. Contact us for specific information.

What’s included in my home study fee?

A basic home study includes your formal application, visits and interviews with the adoption specialist completing your home study, and final reports.

How long does the home study process take?

Expect a minimum of 120 days to complete the home study process.

Do I have to be Christian to do a home study with Bethany?

You don’t have to be Christian or religiously affiliated to do your home study with Bethany Christian Services. Your adoption specialist may ask if you’re connected to a faith-based community to understand your community support network.

Can single people apply?

Yes. All adults living in the home go through a background check.

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