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Family sponsorship success story: The Djanie family

Once struggling to earn money, the family now sends Michael to medical school.

Nicole Zwiers, content director

Family sponsorship success story: The Djanie family  Banner Image

By keeping children in families and out of orphanages, we’re committed to strengthening families in Ghana. And when we sustain families, they build stronger communities.

Eighteen-year-old Michael lives with his Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Isaac in Ghana. His family’s only source of income comes from petty trade, selling cold beverages and treats in the outdoor markets or alongside the road. Michael has always prioritized school and has received many awards for his studies in science.

When Michael’s family first joined Bethany’s Family Preservation and Empowerment program, they lacked access to the training they needed to stabilize and grow their business. They couldn’t afford the costs to keep Michael in school.

In fact, poverty is a big reason nearly 17% of Ghanaian children don’t live with their family and are forced to live in institutions. It’s difficult to raise kids when you struggle to meet their basic needs.

In Ghana, 2.8 million people live on less than $2 a day. That’s why Bethany has stepped in to help families gain access to nutritious food, health care, and assistance with school fees. We equip families with vocational skills to become stronger and self-sufficient.

With the financial help and support of Bethany sponsorship, Michael’s family was able to save enough money to send Michael back to school. But their hardships weren’t over.

During the family’s time in the program, their freezer broke, halting the family’s business and their ability to support each other. Empowered by Bethany toward a better, stronger future, Michael’s family received the necessary funds to purchase a new freezer and begin selling beverages and ice cream in the market again.

Michael’s uncle, Isaac, also became sick and was admitted to the hospital. Diagnosed with an infection that kept him bedridden in the hospital for some time, Isaac was able to receive the correct treatment, and his health was restored.

Because of Bethany’s Family Preservation and Empowerment program—and the support from sponsors—Michael’s family was able to return to work, knowing they were cared for and still able to work toward success.

The family has also been involved in our life-skills training—learning about money management, nutrition, and positive parenting training and development.

“I thank God for bringing Bethany into our lives,” Rosemary said. “There were so many changes that happened [due to COVID-19]. We are so grateful to you and pray for such support for all other vulnerable families so that they can receive help from this program.”

Now, Michael’s family is excited to have graduated from Bethany’s program. Our Ghana team has worked with the family to ensure that they have the necessary tools to remain independent and self-sufficient. Michael recently passed his national exams and was admitted to one of the best schools in Accra, Ghana, where he is studying science and dreams of becoming a doctor.

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