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Meet Keith Cureton

Q&A with Bethany’s new CEO and president

Daneal Lightner, content writer

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Why Bethany? Why now?

“My wife and I pray God would urge us to run toward things, not away from them. As foster and adoptive parents, we’ve lived out the mission of Bethany. And I was excited to share my 35+ years of business experience with an organization that makes a real difference in people’s lives. This is exactly where we’re supposed to be.”

Tell us about your family.

“Our home has always been open to others. We’ve had a lot of young people live with us over the years, many of whom have called us mom or dad at some point. We’ve watched those young kids grow into adults and have families of their own.”

Any pets?

“We’ve always had Yorkies. Right before we moved to Michigan to join Bethany, our 16-year-old family dog, Lucy, passed away. I told my wife it wasn’t the right time to bring on a new pet. She didn’t agree. Before I knew it, we had adopted two Yorkie pups, Pippi and Pearl."

What’s the most important thing you want people to know about the work Bethany is doing?

“It’s urgent. We cannot wait. Whether children are waiting at the border, being trafficked, suffering in abusive homes, or hoping for support for their struggling family, their needs and the issues they’re facing aren’t going away. Challenges will continue to exist every day, everywhere. For a child, one night in crisis, one night without their family, one night missing their own bed has real consequences. And our delay in responding can be catastrophic.”

What would you like to say to those who support Bethany and the children and families we serve?

“Thank you. Too many children are in hard places. They’re just trying to survive. Your investment is impacting their lives on the most basic levels. There are many worthy organizations to give to, and I deeply appreciate the trust you place in us to accomplish great things for children and families. As a foster and adoptive dad, I’ve seen firsthand what your support does. And though you can’t always see the impact overnight, your investment is working. When you change the life of a child, it’s an investment that will pay off for generations. I look forward to further building trust as we continue changing the world through family together.”

Do you have a favorite dish to cook for your family?

“I love to grill. And I’ll grill anything—salmon, burgers, steak, Brussels sprouts, corn on the cob. Bring it on!”

Why should our donors, volunteers, and advocates continue to support this work?

“The work we’re doing together at Bethany is a little different, a little harder. We’ve been called to something a little higher. What our supporters provide is often unseen, but critical. They provide the safety, love, and connection children need to break cycles of trauma and thrive. Otherwise they grow into adults who suffer the same things—the trauma compounds and the cycle continues. The time to change the trajectory of their futures, of all of our futures, is now. It’s today. And that change is exactly what our supporters are accomplishing.”

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