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"I felt safe with people I knew"

Amy entered foster care at 15 after disclosing years of abuse at home. But family would also play a key role in her healing.


"It's a no brainer: You're there for family"

Two parallel phone calls changed everything. One call was from the school counselor, saying Bobbi’s daughter had disclosed years of sexual abuse. The second call was from Bethany, asking Bobbi’s sister if she could provide kinship care.


A safe place for women to heal

Bethany Recovery Center is a rehab center that helps women struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and addiction.


Leaving a legacy of love

Use FreeWill to create a will for free, plan for the future, take care of loved ones, and leave a legacy.

What is kinship care?

When children enter foster care, kinship placement has many benefits, including keeping children connected with their families.

Two sisters and a child with special needs seek refuge in Colombia

In their home country of Venezuela, sisters Yenire and Becsy couldn’t access the necessary medications for young Rachel’s convulsions. As any parent would, they took every possible action to keep Rachel healthy, but eventually decided that seeking refuge in neighboring Colombia was the only choice.


The youth of Haiti are resilient

Haitian youth, like Revins, are breaking cycles of generational poverty through Bethany's youth resiliency program.

ReNew was hope for a different life

Because of her substance use, Keri had already lost one child to the foster care system. So when her addiction led her to prison, and she learned she was pregnant again, she had to find a different path.


Helping teens in foster care feel at home

As foster parents, Danny and Dahlia love to help teens. It’s not only the urgent need for foster homes for teens, although that’s part of it.


The journey of a refugee family

When violence forces a family to flee their home to a neighboring country, their world is turned upside down. Discover the journey of a family resettling in the U.S.

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